We Speak for the Trees

Gariwerd, 2020

Shot on the lands of the Jardwardjali and Djab Wurrung people (Gariwerd/Grampians),  I have crafted this series of surreal landscapes to be reminiscent of the illustrated story of The Lorax by Dr Seuss – a lesson about greed and the environmental degradation which results from the endless accumulation of wealth.

The series encourages viewers to reflect on how we – particularly those of us embedded in Western capitalism – view the earth as something beautiful for our consumption, but how continual consumption will result in the destruction of the beauty we admire.

By linking my work back to a popular children’s story, I highlight the tensions of our contemporary world, where traditional markers of adulthood have shifted, leaving younger generations facing vast uncertainty. The desolate beauty of the landscape speaks to innocence lost and prompts viewers to ask themselves ‘What can I do differently to avoid this outcome?’

After the Anthropocene

Bolivia , 2023

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